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BoxBots Program Membership comes with entry to all build events and fights as well as a standard kit for building a complete robot.

All kits can be picked up and the Wednesday night build events at Ace Monster Toys. Check the calendar to keep up to date.

Connect with others on the Ace Monster Toys Slack Team #box-bots channel. Join here.


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BoxBots kits include:

  • 3 Channel Radio Transmitter with a rechargeable battery
  • 3 Channel Radio Receiver
  • 7.4V 1000mah battery 20C JST connector
  • Titan B3 2S 3S balance charger w/ power cord
  • 2S battery charging extension
  • JST connector male/female set
  • Robot Gear Motor – TT Style 1:120 ratio (2)
  • 65mm Robot Motor Wheel, rubber removable tire (2)
  • 10uf capacitor (2)
  • 18″ (50cm) red and black silicone 26AWG flexible wire
  • 2-pin screw terminal PCB mount (3)
  • TB6612 H-Bridge module 15V 1.2A Max
  • Arduino Nano w/ CH430
  • Custom BoxBot Control Board PCB
  • USB mini cable to program Nano
  • DC-DC Step Up XL6009 Module
  • Rocker Switch
  • Dupont 5cm jumper wire 1F-1M (5)
  • 19 x 2 dual row female connector
  • 40 x 1 female connector
  • Googly Eyes (2)
  • cardboard 6 x 8 C-flute box
  • wooden ruler

Membership in BoxBots does not include membership in Ace Monster Toys (AMT). While you don’t have to be a member of AMT to participate in BoxBots, we will be following the AMT culture of respect and transparency. More info on that available here.


  1. Stephen Inoue

    What could be cooler for XMAS than giving someone the joy of building their own Arduino Cardboard BoX BOT? Well I’ll tell you what is even cooler – giving them the parts AND a GOLDEN ENTREE TICKET to Bot Fight Nights at Ace Monster Toys! How awesome is that!

  2. Joshua Brown (verified owner)

    I have built several boxbots and have enjoyed every one of them. May they rest in pieces…

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