Ace Member Category: Ace Staff

Liz Patrician (she/her)

Liz officially stepped into the Operations Manager role in 2022, but has been a member of the Ace Community for many years. She has extensive professional experience with installation work, sign-making, and operations for small businesses. At Ace she handles large installation and renovation projects, manages inventory, member inquiries, and oversees daily operations. As a life-long maker and artist with a passion for photographing mushrooms and “slimy things” in tide-pools, she really appreciates not only the fantastic tools at Ace, but also the incredible community that comes with them.

Person smiling, bright green background.

Jacky Rossiter (they/them)

Jacky started as Ace’s Communication and Marketing Associate in 2022 before transitioning into the Education Manager Role in 2024. As Education Manager they oversee the planning, development, and promotion of Ace’s educational offerings and work collaboratively with instructors, teams, and volunteers to create new learning opportunities for makers of all skill levels. They have a B.A. in Gender Studies and Comparative Literature from Barnard College and are an experienced educator, sales professional, and team leader with a passion for helping people access their inner creativity. At Ace, they love talking to folks about the cool things they make, their experiences in the community, and meeting people from all walks of life. In their free time, they enjoy cooking elaborate meals with friends, making a self-cleaning terrarium–dioramas for their carnivorous plants, and hanging out with their senior pitbull, Mudge.