3D print meeting wrap-up, July 26, 2016

Wow, just one attendee at tonight’s 3D print meeting. Do I have bad breath? Maybe changing the day loused a few folks up? Or maybe we just can’t compete with the Democratic convention.

Newcomer Bob came by and introduced himself. We had a nice chat. Bob has his own shop, including a few 3D printers. He’s an experienced designer, and was just wondering how he might contribute. So, if you need some design help, maybe he’s your guy! Let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

But, just to have a few pictures to show off, I thought I’d post these.  I’ve been playing around with ideas for a 3D printer design.

After last night’s Fusion 360 class, I decided to try Fusion’s rendering feature. Here’s a screenshot of the normal modeling environment to compare with the rendered image above. I have not experimented with all the available settings, so I’m sure there’s more to be found here, but I’m impressed with how realistic it looks.  That heat sink is supposed to be anodized aluminum; looks spot-on to me!


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  1. Cassiopee says:

    Sorry we missed you last time… We will be back! Wow! Love that design on Fusion 360!
    See you soon!

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