10 Things to know about the 2024 Board Building Project

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1. Board size:

    • 7-9 seats. 60% quorum requirement.

2. What kind of board:

    • Deliver on the Ace Mission
    • Bring in $
    • Oversight
    • Partnership w/staff
    • Adhere to Social Contract
    • Make decisions within their role (big vision, policies, etc.)

3. What will be the priorities for the board to focus on/first year:

    • Update bylaws
    • Assess org structure
    • Support staffing up
    • Evaluate ED and set compensation
    • Set up revenue streams
    • For the board to maintain itself and generally be awesome.

4. What kinds of roles do they own (Related to priorities for the first year):

    • financial advice;
    • development/fundraising – revenue streams and engaging board in resource generation;
    • board chair/leader and vice chair; demonstrated leadership skills managing a diverse group of people
    • legal/compliance experience (for bylaws, governance);
    • outreach, spokespeople;
    • secretary – minutes, calendaring, documentation (social contract, transparency);
    • ambassadors for the org: hosting, showing up at events, mingling, meeting members, bringing in community, etc.

5. Ideal board composition:

    • Thoroughly diverse: folks who have been marginalized out of leadership and a variety of lived experiences – such as queer, excluded from these environments, BIPOC.
      • People of privilege who have good intentions and can listen/work well with others/share power.
      • Familiarity with the tools and technology that we offer.
      • Mix of personalities, communication styles, and lived experiences.
      • Range of Ace experience from substantial to completely new.
      • Passion for the Ace Mission, what it stands for, and the operational delight it brings to many people.

6. How the board gets chosen:

    • Full Members are defined as part owners of Ace Monster Toys d.b.a. Ace Makerspace, with voting rights on board members and other legal initiatives.
      • We need to open up the Member Rolls to get more Full Members in the organization for this process to be effective
    • The Nominations Committee is the working group of staff, members, and community contributors who, along with other project work, recruit, review, vet, and approve nominees.
      • Prospective board members serving on the Nominations Committee are required to recuse themselves from the vetting process in case of a conflict of interest.
      • We are currently recruiting committee members.
    • How do folks get nominated to the Ace Board? Two ways: self-nominations and peer nominations are reviewed by the nominations committee and completed with an MOU. (Google form)
    • How do you get on the ballot?
      • Application/MOU Review by Noms Committee
        • Eligibility for the board includes being a member in good standing, and if not yet a member, need to join to be on the board.
      • In-Person Interview with the Nominations Committee
      • In/Out decision made (and process published)
    • Using a Rolling Ballot process so we can keep momentum.
      • Send out a ballot with relevant candidates for two-weeks window
      • Campaigning (concurrent with other activity)
      • 51% for a pass/fail to be on the board

7. What we expect in terms of time and financial contribution:

    • A monthly investment of 12 to 20 hours participating in mission-forwarding work, collaboration, and immersive experiences.
    • Along with participating as a dues-paying member of Ace Makerspace, board members also make a personally meaningful annual financial contribution.

8. What are the benefits of Board service?

    • Values-aligned work advancing Ace’s mission.
    • Professional development.
    • Immersive experience in our community.

9. What is a term?

    • 2-3 years, selected at time of nomination or ratification

10. What are the term limits?

    • Maximum of 6 consecutive years

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